About Us

About Us

Welcome to Too Innovative.

Do you think Laterally?   Are you a bit strange, and think about flying a balloon to space?  Are you open to new ideas that boldly go where no mind has gone before?  Do you link disparate thoughts and concepts and believe in the impossible?  Do you go from what is to what can be by bridging to new possibilities via powerful metaphors?

Like the Wright Brothers, it isn’t about money and superior engineers that Langley had, but seeing the simplicity of design, by changing the metaphor from the fixed, to flexible.  It isn’t about knowing what to do, but knowing you don’t know everything and will have to try 100’s of trials before you get the Gossamer Albatross to fly.

An open mind is free to think the insane idea of changing a negative, into a positive.  To move where you are to a different viewpoint.  To not only thrive on disruption, but experiment with crazy glue and baking soda. Do you see the preposterous in the mundane?  Are you out of place in the world of ‘average’ minds?

Then Welcome to a place where innovators can change the world, one idea at a time.  Share your dreams.  Think of innovations from the past.  Envision the present, not from what you see, but by looking at the future created in your mind’s eye and watching our present from that future.

Start a discussion.  Share our opinions.  Be observant and share your observations.  Remember that the greatest way to spark innovation is by crossing boundaries set by the fixed minds of mediocrity.

Turn a ‘that is interesting’ into the next innovation that changes the world.  Change a ‘Ouch’ why did they do it that way, to brilliant simplicity.  Take a leap that isn’t incremental, but inspirational. Change the scale by changing your imagination and looking around for ideas.  Step beyond the circumscription.  Lean into the Brink of Insanity.   Be ‘Too Innovative’!